Dental Pyramids P.C.

Policy And Forms

Our first priority is to provide excellent services with substantial customer services.

- All patients must fill a registry form in which allows us to know our patients, general health, dental complains, contacts and insurance issues, we like all information to be updated periodically and in some cases in every visit.

- We confirm our dental appointments by automatic messaging system and by email and in some situations by phone or mail unless patient instructed us otherwise.

- All agreed treatment must be signed by patient including all fees and payments.

- Any patient advised to be pre-medicated with antibiotics should take prescribed medication before every visit regardless the procedure unless is advised otherwise by the dentist or his/her medical doctor.

- Some procedures may require an initial payment and for most laboratory procedures.

- Patients can have unlimited copies of their X-rays and can be delivered by emails only any hard copies a charge of 25 dollars may be charged to the patients account.  


- Services paid in advance will earn 5% as a courtesy.

- All information and communication kept privately however we may share your information with your insurance , other health providers related to your treatment and our dental laboratories.

- DMO or DHMO patients need to provide us with proper insurance card shows their listing under our practice.