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Dental Pyramids P.C.

Patient Testimonials

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* Dear Dr. Ayoubi..Thank you for your services during all past years, You are not just my dentist, you are a true friend

Bruce. R

* Thank you Dr. Ayoubi and staff, it did take me 52 years to see my real smile thanks to you and your team.

Evelyn. O

* I love the energy and the professionalism in this office .

Sarah. G

* I have been a dentist for 40 years, It was very hard for me to trust dentist . today a have Doctor Ayoubi a dentist I can recommend for myself, friends, family and my patients.

Dr. S. Segel

* You did such a great job removing the stains I didn't want to spoil it by drinking tea. I feel like one of the old NYC buildings that got sand blasted and now looks clean and fresh on the outside.

Dr. Steven, B